Welcome to WERMO (Waltham Resident Management Organization)
Welcome to WERMO(Waltham Resident Management Organization)

Resident involvement






Waltham Estate RMO works with all residents to provide an excellent housing management service. We encourage you to get involved in a number of ways. We seek your involvement by:

  • Holding public meetings and listening to your opinions
  • Assisting in organising community activities
  • Publishing newsletters and annual reports
  • Holding regular estate inspections with residents
  • Carrying out improvement and satisfaction surveys
  • Consulting you regarding our service charters
  • Consulting you regarding major repairs improvement plans and planning maintenance
  • Seeking feedback from you regarding all serves we provide
  • Providing opportunities to elect resident board members
  • Consulting on Best Value issues
  • Providing a clear and transparent housing management service
  • Developing an estate specific compact
  • Working in partnership with local community projects (e.g. Clapham Youth Centre and Friends of the Windmill Gardens) to provide activities for all residents

Board members can be council residents, leaseholders or freeholders on the estate. You do not need any specialist qualification or experience to become a board member.

Low level of commitment

Customer satisfaction questionnaires

Residents will be sent a questionnaire or survey regarding the services that WERMO provides them with. Residents will be asked to complete these and send them (collection can also be arranged) back to the estate office. The issues can include:

  • Customer satisfaction after repairs, tenancy review
  • Complaint, reporting anti-social behaviour, etc
  • Major works
  • Decent Homes work
  • Environmental improvements
  • New tenancies and lettable standard
  • Crime prevention

Post, email or telephone consultations

Residents are to be consulted on issues that arise in board, sub committee or general meetings. WERMO will feedback the results of consultations that are undertaken directly to those involved and through the quarterly newsletter. These can also be used for:

•    Random surveys
•    Satisfaction monitoring for repairs
•    Complaint handling.

Tenants newsletter

Tenants will receive a copy of the newsletter quarterly. An annual report and a homeowner's bulletin is also produced. If you require the newsletter in other formats such as another language, large print or Braille, please contact the estate office on 020 7926 9083. Also if you would like to submit an article to any of our newsletters please contact the estate office or e-mail to waltham@lambeth.gov.uk


If you would to promote information on our activities page, please contact the estate office or email waltham@lambeth.gov.uk

Membership to the RMO

Membership to the RMO is open to all estate residents by paying £1 into the organisation. The purchase of a share provides a life time membership as well as the right to be nominated and be nominated to be a Governance Board member. The purchase of a share also provides members with voting rights at general and special meetings.

Attending general or special meetings

The RMO holds four general and one annual general meetings each year. All estate residents are invited to attend such meetings and the agenda and previous meeting's minutes are circulated to each and every property on the estate regardless of tenure or RMO membership.

Attending Leaseholder Annual Forum

This is an annual event that is open to all leaseholders, enabling them to meet each other and our staff and review performance over the previous year, plan services for the year ahead and find ways of improving services for all leaseholders

Medium level of commitment

Newsletter Editorial Committee

Residents can contribute by providing articles, contributing to the design and layout and bringing new ideas. Residents are encouraged to respond to articles in the magazine.

Estate inspections

Quarterly estate inspections are held with the estate director, members of the board and a member of the estate cleaning contractors. This will be a chance for residents to monitor the standards of cleaning, grounds maintenance, and communal repairs and to provide their feedback to the RMO. Estate inspection dates will be published in the RMO's newsletter.

Block champion

Individual tenants and leaseholders can volunteer to become block champions. This would be someone who lives in a particular block or road on the estate and who represents the views of the area. We will consult these individuals about issues that affect this area.

Resident training

From time to time and as required, training is available for residents and board members. Residents can take part in WERMO resident training events to expand their skills and to assist with their involvement with WERMO. For further details please contact the estate office on 020 7926 9083.

Improvement panels

Improvement panels can be established to work with the RMO on major planned environmental improvement schemes or Decent Homes work. These groups will meet whilst these schemes are carried out to enhance the practicality of an area specification, for example through the provision of implementing a play area or type, design of new kitchen, front entrance door offered and so on.

Attending events

Residents can attend occasional events such as conferences. Conferences may discuss particular issues or raise awareness about involvement. Conference dates will be published in the newsletter and displayed throughout the estate.

Members of sub committees

Residents may become a member of any of the RMO's sub committees. At the present time the RMO operates a finance sub committee. Training for this committee is provided free of charge.

Resident involvement inspector

Residents are able to become void property inspectors and will ensure the property offered to new tenants is of an appropriate standard and adheres to the RMOs lettable standard.

Virtual panel member

Residents are invited to comment electronically on newly formed RMO policies and procedures before formal consultation with all estate residents.
High level of commitment

Resident Board Members

The Governance Board is responsible for the long-term strategic direction of the organisation and for ensuring that the RMO team turns strategies and policies into reality.

Waltham Estate RMO governance board consists of 15 members, these members,  lives on the estate

Activities and Events at Waltham Estate





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