Welcome to WERMO (Waltham Resident Management Organization)
Welcome to WERMO(Waltham Resident Management Organization)

Drug Activities

I am writing to all residents as we have received complaints regarding drug-taking activities within Stockwell Lane and Begbie House.


Drug taking is classified as anti-social behavior, and it is a breach of your tenancy conditions and illegal act which has a massive impact on the quality of life of residents and can cause residents distress and puts the health of other residents at risk and is a breach of your tenancy or lease conditions.


Section 22.3 of your tenancy conditions provides, amongst other things, that “You must not do anything which is, or which is intended to, or which is likely to be a nuisance or danger to other people, or which causes damage to our property or the property of our tenants and lessees, their families, lodgers or visitors”.


You should also be aware that under the Misuse of Drugs Act. Possession of any drug classified as A, B, C is an arrestable offence and punishable on conviction by a prison sentence, a fine or both. Your landlord considers that if anyone is proved to be in possession of any of the classified drugs in your flat, this would be grounds for possession under Ground 2 Schedule 2 of the Housing Act 1985.


Your landlord requires that you desist from having and using any illegal drugs in your flat. This means your landlord requires you not to smoke cannabis or drugs dealing in your flat or the communal area at any time.


WERMO and Ferndale Safer Neighborhood Police Team are working in partnership and is committed to and have the right to take extreme action against residents who engage in illegal activities or cause distress to their neighbors.


You are therefore advised to abstain from the use of drugs to avoid strict action against any identified perpetrators.


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