Welcome to WERMO (Waltham Resident Management Organization)
Welcome to WERMO(Waltham Resident Management Organization)


We have received complaints that some residents are in the habit of feeding pigeons on the estate.


This is a serious health and safety issue due to the problems it causes to public health.


Pigeons are wild birds capable of finding their food. The waste food does not contain the essential vitamins the birds require causing ill health and deformity.


Waltham Estate residents were strongly warned to stop feeding pigeons due to the following reasons:


  • feeding pigeons attracts them to the areas that are not natural to them and exposes them to injury

  • they are especially vulnerable to attack by cats when encouraged to feeding on the ground

  • pigeon droppings are not only unsightly but are acidic and can cause damage to buildings and machinery

  • nesting material, droppings and feathers can block gutters and air vents.

  • feeding results in all year breeding that causes overcrowding

  • The birds become stressed, causing disease and parasites to spread quickly within the flock. This can transfer to humans.


We stronly  advise residents not to feed or encourage feeding of pigeons in front of your block.


Please feel free to report anyone caught feeding pigeons to the housing office. The information provided will be treated in strict confidence. 


The office will continue to monitor the CCTV cameras to identify perpetrators. 

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