Welcome to WERMO (Waltham Resident Management Organization)
Welcome to WERMO(Waltham Resident Management Organization)

Estate Services at Waltham RMO

Your caretaking service

Your RMO caretakers provide a high quality cleaning and maintenance service to the whole of the estate. The RMO outsoursed cleaning contract and two dedicated caretakers to carry out the cleaning tasks throughout the estate. The caretakers work to an agreed specification and estate cleaning charter. The caretakers ensure that the estate is kept clean at all times.

The caretaking service operates five days a week, between 8.00am and 5.00pm each day.  Generally, the caretaker's job is to:

  • Give an excellent service to our customers
  • Look after our equipment and blocks through regular inspections and maintenance
  • Deal with emergencies on the estate
  • Clean balconies and refuse chambers
  • Monitor the estate refuse and bulk rubbish collections
  • Report abandoned vehicles to the estate office and arranges for their removal
  • Remove graffiti
  • Weed kill
  • Report acts of vandalism and other examples of anti-social behaviour to the RMO
  • Request that repair orders to the estate are raised by the estate office
  • Check equipment and estate facilities (stopcocks, hydrants, parking areas and so on)
  • Attend to emergencies, such as burst pipes and floods, that affect residents' homes
  • Deal with blocked drains and gullies
  • Clear out and clean empty properties and garages 
  • Report any faults or repairs in public areas that resident have told them about.
  • Mark up hazardous areas

Additionally the caretakers may...

  • Help to remove furniture from occupied properties ready for the bulk refuse collection
  • Assist elderly or disabled residents with maintaining their private gardens
  • Demonstrate how you operate your windows and central heating system


The caretakers will be called to account where service standards are not met. Estate inspections are completed on a fortnightly basis by a member of the RMO staff. Resident estate inspections (Walkabout Wednesdays) are undertaken each quarter. All residents are encouraged to participate in these walkabouts.

The estate tree surgery and pest control service is provided by Lambeth Council and these departments can be contacted on telephone 020 7926 6000.

You can help us improve our service by:

  • Reporting incidents to the estate office
  • Telling us your concerns regarding the estate cleaning
  • Showing consideration for your neighbours when disposing of your household rubbish
  • Treating employees of the RMO, and you neighbours, the same way you wish to be treated
  • Participating in service reviews or estate inspections.

Waltham Estate RMO encourages responsible pet ownership.

All residents (irrespective of tenure of property) are required to adhere to this charter. If you require our permission to keep a dog please contact the estate office for an application. Please ensure permission is granted before you obtain a dog.

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