Welcome to WERMO (Waltham Resident Management Organization)
Welcome to WERMO(Waltham Resident Management Organization)






  • We will let you know if your repair is covered by your tenancy agreement or if it is rechargeable
  • We will offer you an appointment, and confirm all non emergency repairs in writing
  • We will send an engineer to complete appropriate jobs
  • We will send you a repairs satisfaction survey so we can monitor your opinion on works done
  • We will provide you with an out-of-hours emergency repair. If you require an emergency out-of-hours service, please call 020 7926 6111 for this service
  • We will use our discretion when raising some repairs which may affect senior citizens and the disabled
  • We will ensure Post Inspection is carried out on a sample of jobs to ensure quality assurance.




Repairs during office opening times

We will carry out a range of repairs during normal working hours. Classification of these repairs and examples of the type of repairs under each classification are:
Emergency repairs (attended to within 24 hours)

These will be attended to within two hours with full repair within 24 hours, unless otherwise stated.

You or another responsible adult must wait there to make sure that we have access to your property. We will make safe the repair and if possible, fix the repair:

  • Stopping water flowing back into your sink, basin, toilet pan or bath (including right to buy)
  • Repairing heavy leaks
  • Repairing total loss of electrical power (including right to buy)
  • Repairing total loss of mains water supply (unless water authority has cut off the supply) (including right to buy)
  • Stoping water leaks from heating system
  • Clearing blocked WC pan or soil stack
  • Clearing blocked drains
  • Toilet not flushing (where there is no other working toilet in the property)
  • Repairing heating (between 1 October and April 30 only).

Urgent repairs (attended to within three calendar days)

  • Clearing blocked sink, bath or basin (including right to buy)
  • Loose or detached banister or handrail (including right to buy)
  • Repairs which, if not dealt with, would cause a safety risk
  • Repairing electrical supply (if supply not completely lost) (including right to buy)
  • Repairing water supply (if supply not completely lost) (including right to buy)
  • Repairing a tap that cannot be turned off (including right to buy)
  • Repairing room or water heating (between 30 April and 1 October only) (including right to buy).

Non-urgent repairs (offer and appointment within seven calendar days)

  • Repairing or replacing a broken, unusable or blocked toilet pan if there is another toilet in the property
  • Repairing a running overflow; Tenants and all repairs that cause concern or nuisance to elderly or disabled tenants, unless they are priority 1 or priority 2 repairs
  • Repairing lighting in common areas
  • Repairing a minor leak, which can be treated by patching (including right to repair). Generally after rain has stopped to allow safe access to roof)
  • Repairing a door Entry phones (including right to repair)
  • Repairing a mechanical extractor fan in a kitchen or bathroom (including right to repair)
  • Clearing blocked grids and gully holes
  • Repairing doors and windows (unless the property is not safe)
  • Repairing or replacing glass in doors and windows (With crime number if not shared).

Routine repairs (offer an appointment within 28 calendar days)

  • Clearing blocked grids and gully holes
  • Clearing or repairing blocked or leaking gutters and rainwater pipes
  • Repairing doors and windows (unless the property is not safe)
  • Repairing or replacing glass in doors and windows
  • Repairing plasterwork after other repairs have been done.

Planned repairs (offer and complete within 90 calendar days for planned replacements, structural and roof repairs). Examples of these repairs could include:


  • Repairing plasterwork after other repairs has been done
  • Work done as part of a programme of general building maintenance
  • Other repairs that we must do within special contract times (for example, as set out by a legal notice)
  • Servicing systems (clearing guttering, drainage or clearance).

We also carry out a range of repairs that are within planned repair contracts, such as CCTV. Details of the repair times can be obtained from the housing office.

To help us deliver a great service, you can help us by:

  • Taking time to ready our information and contact us at any time with queries
  • Letting us know in your first few months if we have not met our Lettable Standard, or if you think repairs are needed
  • Contacting us if you have any queries about your financial responsibilities - we can help you manage your finances and explain any extra benefits you might be able to apply for. We can also refer you to independent agencies who can advise you
  • Letting us know if any of your circumstances change, so we can adjust our records, or try to help. For example, family members moving in or out, of your property for any length of time.
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